Go Green with Greenridge

At The Greenridge Group we are continuously improving our operations to reduce our impact on the environment.

From the products we use to our energy usage, we are constantly choosing better alternatives that still offer the high quality results our customers expect.

Inks and Chemicals

  • The ink used in our presses are the most environmentally friendly and sustainable available
  • We have removed the use of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content in our pressrooms, which are carbon-based chemicals which result in different health effects and can poorly affect air quality when used
  • By switching to Computer-to-Plate printing plate systems, we have phased out the use of toxic chemicals and bi-cromates typically used in our previous film-based plate making methods


  • All paper used at The Greenridge Group is from sustainable sources with strong environmental credentials *
  • Paper is one of the most renewable resources ever! It is a fully renewable, natural resource – it truly is one of human kinds most ingenious inventions. It is also one of the most recyclable resources
  • Our major paper suppliers hold FSC certification, so all of your paper from Greenridge Press has strong environmental credentials

* Unless a special paper type has been requested

Energy and Water Efficiency

  • Our presses are now 60% more energy efficient! In addition, we have recently installed a 100kW solar system to allow us to generate enough power to run our machinery

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